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Five Things that can keep your Food Safe

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It's summer time and the weather will be "HOT". At this time, foods that we usually cooked at home or served at the resto can easily get spoiled, especially if its not handle properly. These foods are not safe and can cause foodborne illness.

Whether you have a restaurant that you operates or at home and you manage everything especially in preparing foods, keeping your food safe is a top priority. Food Safety simply means that the Foods  served are free from Hazards. 

To give a good tips, here is the Five things you can follow and remember to ensure your family, employees or your business gives or serves a safe foods.

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There are conditions that help the bacteria grow faster. Some conditions can be modifiable or be controlled easily so we can avoid spoilage or food contamination.
  • Food
  • Acidity
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture
There are 6 conditions or the FATTOM but we will just focus on TIME AND TEMPERATURE since it can easily be controlled.

To keep our food safe, in every process from, buying the raw foods until serving the foods, we have to follow the correct time and temperature of the food like the correct duration and temperature in cooking meat, poultry, fish or vegetables. if we able to correct the critical point during the process we can eliminate the bacteria growth in the food and we can assure that the food is safe.

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We have different hazards that can easily be found before, during or after we handle our foods. Just like the conditions, these hazards can easily be controlled.

  • Physical Hazards
  • Biological Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards
Physical and Chemical Hazards are very unavoidable and can be resolved easily so we will focus on that.

In keeping the food safe, Physical Hazards like hair, rice stones or so, can be avoided by wearing proper attire during cooking and a thorough cleaning before cooking. Chemical Hazards can be controlled by separating the Food Items to your Chemical or Cleaning materials so you can avoid mixing it especially the seasonings items. You can also put labels to know what's in the container or in the package.

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Since we already discuss the hazards, one way of keeping your food safe, is by being well-groom and properly hygienic to yourself. Using proper attire is a must. Even you are at home, you have to be well-groom, like cut your nails sort, wash your hands with soap for 20 minutes at least and tie your hair will cooking. 

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5S in Practicing Good Housekeeping
  • SORT - take out necessary items and dispose
  • SYSTEMIZED/SET - arrange necessary items in good order for use
  • SHINE OR SWEEP - clean your workplace completely. "CLAYGO"
  • SANITIZED/STANDARDIZED - maintain high standard of housekeeping
  • SELF-DISCIPLINE/SUSTAIN - do thing simultaneously without being told or ordered.
To summarized the Good Housekeeping, you have to clean everything properly and do it regularly - just like doing things habitually. Cross Contamination happened when everything is not organized. For example, You have to use separate kitchen utensils from raw to cooked foods as well as meat to vegetables cutters or utensils. You have to Clean your area or workplace before leaving or clean your area or utensils every time you use it. proper segregation of waste disposal also apply here.


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Also part of good housekeeping is a place that are free from pest. Pests also contribute to food hazards and contamination of food so we better kill them. So to keep our food safe as well as to keep our home safe from whatever danger it may cause, we have to plan for pest control and consult a  certified pest control operator. For big restaurants and establishment they usually hire some company that do the job but for our home, we can also refer to some ready to buy items at supermarket that can help us to kill the pest, but make sure it will be place properly, away from food.

There's a lot more to say or share about food safety. This is just part of a big thing. But know something at less a portion of it can be in great help to everyone. 

If you have something you want to add up. Just comment down below. Thanks!


  1. Thank you for the information. Super useful po :)

  2. Thank you for the information. A big help for a mom like me who loves to cook

  3. Nakapa laking tuLong nitong tips.. Thank you po

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