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Nutrition Therapy for Hypertension


Hypertension pertains to the long-term high blood pressure in the arteries. If your blood pressure continuously elevated, medical advice is necessary for early treatment and avoid further risk occurrence. 

Dietary Management for hypertension use the DASH Diet or the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. Generally speaking, the diet encourage high intake of fruits and vegetables with controlled intake of fats.

It is advice that the diet must be personalized and must be used only by the person who received the diet prescription. This is because each person also have different needs or requirement, so if you use the diet prescription that is not intended for you to use, then you might risking your nutrition health.

  • Low Salt Diet
  • Low Fat Diet
  • Low Cholesterol Diet
  • High Fiber Diet
  1. You have to talk to your doctor first before the consultation. We usually ask for laboratory Results and your attending physician referral. If you lack the referral, we can still proceed to the consultation however a waiver will be given to you. 

  2. Fill up the SERVICE/PRODUCT REQUEST FORM. With this form, you will understand the service fees and mode of payment that we allowed per transaction. 

  3. After the payment is settle, the INITIAL ASSESSMENT FORM will be email to you. This contains series of questions about your lifestyle, eating habits and patterns, and your current health status. This is essential for us to understand what is your health and nutritional status and what intervention must be done to attain your optimal nutrition goal.

  4. After the initial assessment, the intervention will be discuss to you. This means that the actual plan and monitoring will be done depending to the plan or service you choose to avail.

For more information and inquiries, you can message us through the contact form provided in this site or you can directly contact the dietitian through the following contact information below:

Facebook Official Account - fb.me/dietrx
Mobile Number: 09278552632
Telephone Number: (02) 273-0143
Email Address: triadivine0327@gmail.com

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