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Diabetes Mellitus requires a lifestyle and behavioral change because it has no cure and it is considered as a progressive disease that complications occur when we don't take good care of ourselves.

Previously, we discuss the Alphabet of Diabetes to keep ourselves monitored. But today, I'll be sharing to you some of the RISK FACTORS for Diabetes. I also prepared 15 simple questions (quiz type) that will tell you if you are High Risk or Low Risk in getting a Diabetes Mellitus. 

A risk factor is a variable associated with an increased risk of disease or infection.


I'll be discussing 10 common risk factors of diabetes. These are some of the common risk factors that can possible lead to Diabetes as a disease.

  • ASIAN. It really runs in our blood. Being an Asian or a Filipino itself is one risk factor for Diabetes. We have the culture that potentially increase the risk of of us to have diabetes.
  • 40 ABOVE YEARS OLD. As we grow older, we are also at high risk. This is because  our body starts to degenerates at this age so some of our body parts malfunction.
  • RUNS IN THE FAMILY. If we have at least one in our family that have diagnosed with Diabetes, We also are at risk as well. Diabetes is also hereditary which carry over to generation to generation.
  • PHYSICAL IN-ACTIVITIES. Physical Health includes putting effort in making your body moves. If you do less physical activities, your bodily functions will be slower and bad fats will just store in your body that when it accumulated, it may cause some complications.
  • HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. Blood Pressure is also a sign of body malfunctions. If the blood pressure is not controlled, it may lead to further complications like diabetes.
  • HISTORY OF GESTATIONAL DIABETES. If you gave birth to baby that it beyond 9 lbs, you also have the high risk of being diabetes. Gestational Diabetes occurs usually during pregnancy which if it is not monitored or properly manage it will cause other complications and risk the babies life as well.
  • OVERWEIGHT. Always watch your weight. Excess fats can also damage some of your organ system and may lead to diabetes.
  • EATING "JUNK" FOODS. Junk Foods are considered high caloric intakes or unhealthy foods that if we eat a lot of it, it can really damage our body. So choose balance and healthy food or meals.
  • ALCOHOL ABUSER AND SMOKERS. We all know the effect of excessive alcohol in our health and also the damage of the cigarette to our lungs. 
  • STRESS. When we get stressed, free radicals are in boost which release bad toxins, and these toxins can damage our own body. 

Most of  the risk factors are mostly connected to one another because it has similar cause and from the same behavior of the person. For example excessive eating of junk foods will just lead to weight gain and obesity, plus it can also elevate the blood pressure and sugar level. 

In simplest terms, If we intake something excessive or deficient from what is required to us It can lead to body malfunctions and cause some diseases. Just like a Machine, if we won't undergo preventive maintenance or even clean or oiled it, machine will be fragile and broke down. 

Now, let's find out if YOU ARE AT RISK FOR DIABETES?  Take this quiz below and share your results with me. You can also tag me to your facebook timeline or just simply comment it below so we could chat  more about it. 

 Got value on this post? Then feel free to share this post and spread the love. You can also leave some comments below and share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it. 


  1. Now i know ito pala ung mga risk factor ng diabetis .. Thanks for sharing po

  2. Thank you for sharing mommy..Now i know na mga dapat kong gawin para maiwasan ang pagkakaroon ng diabetis..

  3. Isa ako dun sa eating much junk food. Dapat tlga iwasan na yun!!! Thanks for more info. Sobrang nkakatulong po tlga lahat ng blog mo!!!

  4. Wow i took the quuz at the result Little or no risk, well it still really depends to our lifestyle we have to really be careful in what we eat and have some exercise everyday 😉thanks Mizdee

  5. Any person suffering from diabetes needs to make some viable lifestyle changes in order to properly manage this kind of disease. The best part is that there are a wide variety of diabetic friendly diet plans and foods best books for diabetes management...

  6. I would never wish diabetes on anyone :( But it's so good to see you taking action and using this as a big motivator for getting healthy! destructeur de diabete

  7. Hi po. I was diagnosed of Gestational diabetes with my second child. as to my treatment kasi nga po natakot ako kasi kung mapapabayaan po si baby ko po ang high risk. so ang ginawa po namin ng OB ko ay ni refer nya po ako sa isang specialist for diabetic patients. so far naman eh nadala po ako ng diet. ♥♥♥

  8. i was diagnosed Gestational Diabetes with my second child. i was big and obese ohh emm. mabuti na lang at love kami ng OB ko kaya nirefer nya ako sa isang espesyalista na doktor for diabetic patients. so far po eh naagapan po namin sa tulong ng aking DIET MEAL PLAN from a dietician. thanks God at normal lahat ang baby boy ko. thank you Mizdee for this.

  9. Dapat talaga may discipline ka sa sarili mo.Salamat po sa pagshare ng ganitong impormasyon.��

  10. Naku dapat pala ipabasa ko ito sa mga kasama ko ba malapit sa diabetes😊

  11. Tried the quiz at I am moderately at risk. I really need healthy diet and exercises. Thank you for this, Mizdee!


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