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Does Snacking during Screen Time is bad to your Health?

We all do love to eat while watching tv, during movies, playing video games or just simply surfing your net. We all done that. But does is really a bad thing?

If we talk about mindful eating, when we do eat while doing something else, we become unaware of how much we have eating or even delay your feeling of fullness. You are out of focus and it really affects your eating pattern. In simplest term, You are distracted, you tend to eat slow which delay your satiety, and you tend to eat more unknowingly. 

Now if we discuss about Nutrition, if we talk about snacks, it is usually high caloric foods, fatty, high in refine sugar because we always wanted something sweet, tasting during a break. Who doesn't want that right? And since we take those kind of food, your body digest foods that are easily digested, and takes an hour or less to be fully digest and you feel hungry again. All you get are nothing but fats, oil, and sugar.

This is a cliche but still it is true. Anything Excess or Deficient are bad. If we try to understand what gone wrong when we tend to eat snacks during screen time (like during watching movies or tv, playing video games or simply browsing the net), i'll narrow it down to 2 specific thing.

1. Eating while Doing Something else will not satisfy your tummy.
2. Snacks are good but the kind of snacks you take will gives a different story.


Yes, snacks and screen time is a common leisure time for everyone that if we didn't do it properly or in a better way, it can affect our health. 

Why? Because (1) You will gain weight because you tend to eat more during this time, weight matter a lot or it is high risk factor for any cardiovascular diseases. (2) You take less nutrient-dense food and doesn't follow proper portioning and this affect the total body function needed by your body.

What you can do? You have to manage your time. Take some break and focus first with your eating if its meal time already. If you don't have a choice like in offices which we have the Working Break, Try to portion your snack or food first, and choose a something less fatty, oily and refine sugar. We have modified snacks that are high in fiber that satisfy your tummy.

Hope this help you understand a lot.


  1. Thank you for this Tips Ma'am��

  2. Masama pala Yun .. now i know na . Thanks for sharing po ..

  3. Hala..gawain ko pa naman kumakain habang nanunuod ng tv.. Thanks for sharing

  4. Sarap ng pizza..

  5. Salamat po sa advice..
    Ganun pala un..

  6. Nakakagutom actually after too many hours in phone or computer, before when we use to play in computer shop for 3-5hours, we're always super hungry after

  7. Yes anything na sobra nakakasama. And dapat watch natin ang ating kinakain. ☺ Thanks for this

  8. Thanks for this, laking tulong nitong post nato para magkaroon ng information ang readers god bless

  9. Oh... I'm always doing this.... like now! I'm actually eating while reading your blog. I didn't know that this is not good for my health. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  10. Hala ganito ginagawa ko kadalasan.Mali pla to.

  11. Sadly, I don't think people will ever stop snacking while watching.

  12. OMG we alove doing this...Thanks for the info ..


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