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This post is not about the actual way of computing your energy requirements because that's my job. My point here is to give you an idea on how we determine your energy requirement or on how Dietitians compute your calories per day.

I know most of you are aware or heard these 1500kcal, 2000 kcal, etc whenever you search about getting fit or weight loss. These are not just numbers but it is a thorough understanding about what your body requires with key factors to consider.

So the big question now is how do we determine your calories? Below are the 5 key factors we consider before we give you your calories. 


Actual or Desirable Body Weight

When you meet for the first time with your Dietitian, the first thing she/he would ask you is your actual weight. Your weight plays an important role to us because it is our baseline in computing your calories. Sometimes, we get your actual weight or use your desirable body weight. The desirable body weight is determine by in many ways such as your height with your age / gender / wrist circumference. 


Your gender is also considered when computing your calories because of the fat and muscle percentage difference. Usually Males require higher caloric needs than female because of the body composition. 


Your age is also considered with your caloric needs because in the different life cycle it also require different calories to make your body function fully. For instance, a pregnant women and lactating mothers require an addition 300 to 500 calories from their actual calories needs because there's two people they need to feed (Herself and her baby). Same goes if we compare the kids who are mostly active in a day to our elders who have lesser activity or task being performed - Calories needs will be different.

Physical Activity and Workout Routine (if any)

Physical Activities are your daily task being perform like walking, standing, sitting or such. While Exercise are task that you give with an extra effort that your regular task such as brisk walking, running, lifting, etc. These type of activities require energy and these pre-determine your total caloric requirement. So we do ask about your exercise routine so we can adjust if needed.

Work or your Job (Lifestyle)

Last key is your lifestyle or your actual job. So we also ask our clients if your a working, type of work, a housewife or so. Because here, we determine your lifestyle if you have sedentary, light, or heavy workload. This make us adjust your calories by simply asking "what do you do for a living?"

To sum up everything...

It may seem like numbers for some and your initial assessment questionnaire may be just  a series  of questions for you but for us, it is when we start your body, and make a personalized analysis to your lifestyle. It gives as rapport about your Dietary Requirements specifically when we need to determine your caloric requirements.

So we don't just gives you numbers and start it there. We make sure that it is what you really need and if you're trying to loss weight, we make sure that its doable for you.

Mizdee Rx Note: Decoding that Nutrition Formula about your daily energy requirement, we have to consider these 5 key factors (1) Your Weight either your actual or desirable body weight, (2) Your Gender (3) Your Age or at what point you are now in our life cycle, (4) Your Physical Activities and Exercise routine, and (5) Your Lifestyle or the things you do for a living. Numbers may seem simple but sometimes, it really tells you something important about you. Also, knowing your required Calories in a day will really help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Got value on this post? Then feel free to share this post and spread the love. You can also leave some comments below and share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it. 

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  1. very informative, i almost eat what i want now im feeling guilty na hehehe..as we age we really need to watch what we eat :)


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