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I raise this ribbon because I am One of them. I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and this post is to share awareness about it. 

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal disorder that affects women, causing an abnormal increase in the production of male hormones. This hormone imbalance may lead to irregular menstrual cycles, acne, excess hair or balding, stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation.

Though there's still no cure about this disorder, we can still prevent its progression to other complication that may happen if we doesn't manage it.  Sharing with you today is the Top 5 Tips in Managing your PCOS according to Dr Zoe, a well-known Functional Medicine Doctor.


These are foods that are packed with nutrients that combat inflammation, lower insulin resistance, balance hormones, and provide the needs for normal cellular function. When we say phytonutrients these are the plant-based food items which are the fruits and vegetables.

Eating a large portion of fruits and vegetables daily will help you manage your weight and even manage you disorder. Of course, these foods, when eaten, should be variety in types and colors. The more color you put and eat in your plate, the better you can get the nutrients you need.


Having not enough sleep means your cells are not having enough time to regenerate themselves. These cause a lot of a problem. (1) Your hunger hormone (ghrelin) increases which make you eat more and crave more that can possibly lead to obesity and insulin resistance. (2) Your (steroid) processor hormone (Cortisol) also increases its production and it triggers the body to produce to much sebum that leads to skin breakouts. 


Exercise keep your body active and be more sensitive. This help your body to regulate and function properly. When the body is active it lowers testosterone level and target insulin resistance. Even simple activities are in great help in managing your PCOS.


De-Stressing and Relaxation can also give a big part in managing your PCOS. Stress is said to be the number one cause of many disorders and diseases. Because when your are stress out, you body function are also affected. It increase free radicals in your body and cause cell injury. So give time for yourself to breath, meditate and release negativity in your life.


Detoxify helps to excrete all the excess hormones your body produce due to different condition. When you detoxify, it means you have to take care of your gut and liver because most of the time, these are part that are mostly abuse but neglected easily. By keeping your gut and liver health, you must avoid drinking alcohol, quite smoking and be observant in buying personal care products that contains xenoestrogens - or substances that imitates estrogen. 

Mizdee Rx Note: 

Though there are no exact reason why it happened to your body and there's still no concrete solution, so we must manage it properly and we must follow these tips correctly. It simply means that we should be good to our body. That's the number one rule to keep you away from complications in this disorder. Being good to your body means you have to eat right, do exercise, avoid stressing yourself out and don't use abusive substances like alcohol, nicotine in cigarettes, etc.

Photo Courtesy to @LifesciencePhilippines 

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  1. I have also PCOS kaya nahirapan ako mabuntis. Kaya po nag healthy life style ako at need ng good sleep at exercise. 7 years after then nabuntis ako. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank You soft Sharing this Mizdee I will share this one to my friend that suffering in PCos.Gustong gusto kasi na nila magka anak ..

  3. Hala sna di ako ganyan,irregular dn kac regla ko😟

  4. i have endometriosis ..on both my ovaries i dont like na ipaopera since they told me na pwedeng bumalik...so what i did is i research sa google ano ung mga kelangna alternative para sa cyst ko,...i totally removed soya and caffeine sa diet ko and i think it really worked kasi no more menstruation pain and nabuntis agad ako which is sabi nila mahihirapan ako..keep on doing blogs like this kasi very interesting at marami po kaming nalelearned na ndi naman lahat sinasabi ng doctor .


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