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Nutritional Value varies depending to your load of food intake. So by simply classifying your food as "Eat more" and "Eat less", it will really help you to be mindful with your eating pattern with a better choices on you plate.

Because, being healthy is not about eating less or by starving yourself but rather, its about eating what's the right portion, in any kind of food items, and with a balance of both macro and micro nutrients.

So never brand your food with "Good" or "Bad" since it will just lead you to make choices of which is "off-limits". Stay healthy with a right mind and best foods in your tummy.

But the real question is "What is the really "Best Foods" for your Body? 

Choosing what's best for your body (in terms of food) is by understanding first your body as well as the food items. So lets start with the food items.

The photo above are the simplest groupings of our common food items. They are group by Macronutrients which we all familiar with - Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats. 

Macronutrients are the nutrients that food in every food with large amount and which commonly used by our body as (1) energy, (2) body-builders, (3) sometimes regulators. Each of these macronutrients have large effect to our bodily functions whenever we take it less or more. 

All you have to do is follow the rules of proper portioning of each food items. 

(1) Eat more whole foods for each group.  Carbohydrates that are whole foods are the whole grain rice or bread, potatoes, corn, sweet potatos, sprouted grains and even fruits and vegetables. As for the protein foods, choose more of lean meat (Chicken Breast, Lean Pork, Eggs, fish) and more lentils and beans. As for the fats, use more of plant-based oil (Virgin Olive Oil, Walnut Oil), egg yolk, low fat cheese, seeds, avocados and fresh, unprocessed coconut.

(2) Eat some of refined foods for each group.  These foods have undergone a mild processing which remove some of the nutrients already. In these group, you can substitute it in some of the whole foods but in certain amount only. Examples are for Carbohydrates, you can eat white rice, white bread, oatmeals, flavored yogurts, pancakes, and a lot more. For Protein, you can have the chicken drumstick, belly fat of the fish, tofu, and marinated meat. For Fats, you can have sesame oil, flaxseed oil, coconut milk, peanuts, creams, cheese and dark chocolates. 

(3) Eat less of the processed foods.  We live in the world where everything is "INSTANT" even with our foods. These are usually in quick service and high in fats and oil. It also have high seasoned condiments that definitely add flavors but increase your sodium content (which can lead to Hypertension). These foods are found in "fast food" like fries, fried chicken, burger patty, bacon, etc. It also includes hotdog, sausages, cereal bars, fruit juices, flavored milk, curls (junk foods), candies, chocolates, softdrinks, margarine, butter, corn oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc. Also in this food groups, we have to consider both the carbs-fat content of each food because of how it was cooked or processed.

(4) Eat the Rainbow.  Vegetables are also have a good source of carbohydrates and also one of the key source of our micronutrients. (These are the nutrients that are needed in small amount in our body but play a big role in our overall body function which means we need these to fully process the digestion and distribution of the nutrients throughout our body.) Each vegetables have its equivalent nutrients in them and eating a variety of it, will help you consume a lot of it and benefit more.

That's it! and to answer the question, the best foods for your body is by simply eating anything, everything in a right portion and should be balance. You have to understand the kind of foods that can give you a lot of health benefits as well. Knowing what kind and how much should you take will help your body work properly. 

Got value on this post? Then feel free to share this post and spread the love. You can also leave some comments below and share your thoughts with me. I would really appreciate it. 


  1. Thank you for the info po!

  2. Good Read..i learned something..and inspire to eat Healthy :)


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