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Nutrition Therapy is an instructional procedure where you can learn the basic knowledge on how to manage you meal or disease concerns in terms of a diet plan. We specifically address your concern by give you a PERSONALIZED DIET.

If you go to a more in-depth understanding on how you you should manage your specific diet, we can also offer you Personalized Diet Prescription that will provide you the well-computed diet based on your laboratory results and initial assessment.

Services Offer:

For Service Price List Please Refer to the photo Below.

Reminder: We are only addressing a fraction of your health and it is through Dietary Instruction. We still highly recommend to visit your Attending Physician to health-related concern and other medical procedure that must be done. Any information you will receive will NOT BE USE in exchange of you Doctor Prescription. Please be guided accordingly.

1 comment:

  1. wow !
    pwede po bang malamn kung sa nutrition therapy for diabetis ?
    mother ko po ages 52 kasi maintenance na ng diabetis at naoperahan na sya sa mata nya cause sa diabetis.


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