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Weight Management Program will help you achieve your DESIRABLE BODY WEIGHT that is appropriate to your AGE and HEIGHT. This program covers both weight loss and weight gain program. We provide NATURAL process of healthy nutrition. This means that what will you get from us are purely meal plans and recipes that you can use and try at home.

Best Results can happen only if you are COMMITTED to do the program because it really require DISCIPLINE. We also recommend you to undergo at least ONE MONTH Program so you can see the result. WE DON'T OFFER IMPROPER CRASH DIET. WE OFFER YOU THE CORRECT WAY OF LOSING OR GAINING WEIGHT.

Services Offer:

Please refer to the photo below for the service price list and the service package promo.

Reminder: We are only addressing a fraction of your health and it is through Dietary Instruction. We still highly recommend to visit your Attending Physician to health-related concern and other medical procedure that must be done. Any information you will receive will NOT BE USE in exchange of you Doctor Prescription. Please be guided accordingly.

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