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As a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian by Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines, I'm bound with the Code of Ethics for Nutrition and Dietetics Profession. As the codes requires me to  maintain as an Ethical Dietitian who protects the public in any form of misconception and misinformation regarding food, nutrition and diet therapy and for me to promote only those with evidence-based information and interpretation.


This blog DOES NOT AGREE OR TOLERATE any content that might present a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The author have the right to choose or refuse any potential product or service that might provide conflicts most especially if it related to NUTRITIONAL CONTENT OR TOPIC, since it will affect the author's credibility and license as a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian.

For companies and organizations with products who likes to approach me to work with them, I may be happy to do so but you are also risking yourself with the negative thoughts I might say. As for the arrangement with company, I have certain parameters to be followed:

  • Compensated for a Specific job done or Recipes developed using the product but not in a way of including it for sake of promotion or sale marketing strategies of the product.
  • I may choose to tell the readers of this blog about the product pros and cons as part of unbaised reviews. All will be based from my experience, science evidence based and professional perspective.

for further inquiries and collaboration, advertisement, sponsorship, campaign, event invitation, features just email me at: triadivine0327@gmail.com
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